Publication of a new thematic collection - "Hermylos and Stratonikos, Early Christian martyrs of Belgrade"

  • Posted on: 17 October 2022
  • By: Jelisaveta

The Institute for Balkan Studies SASA has published a new thematic collection within the Special Edition series. The title of the collection is Hermylos and Stratonikos, Early Christian martyrs of Belgrade and was edited by Dubravka Preradović, PhD, a research associate at the Institute for Balkan Studies SASA.

This collection was conceived as a monographic study with the aim of revisiting and systematizing the existing knowledge about the Belgrade martyrs, and to look at their worship from all relevant points of view. Through the analysis and interpretation of modestly written (historical, hagiographic, liturgical) and iconographic sources as well as archeological findings, the contributors offer as clear a picture as possible of Christianity in Belgrade at a time when deacon Hermylos and his co-martyr Stratonikos suffered the martyrdom, as well as a picture of their cult, liturgical celebration and representations in the Eastern Christian world, and especially in medieval Serbia.